Tibetan Buddhist 8 Auspicious Symbols

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Listing for 1 Print - Size 5" x 7"

An original linoleum cut print by artist Philip Crow. The image is first carved out of a linoleum block, then individually hand pressed using quality inks on thick printmaking paper. Please keep in mind that they may vary slightly from order to order. All prints also carry an original signature individually inked in gold ink by the artist. ***10% of sales will go to different monasteries of my choice to help support and keep the beautiful teachings alive forever! ***

My take on one of my favorite pieces of buddhist art ( Like it so much I have it tattooed on my arm! ) . A collection of 8 symbols that when put together create a vibration that ultimately leads to Good Luck, Protection, Peace and overall well being!

The Parasol: Traditionally a symbol of royalty and protection, the Parasol symbolizes the protection the Dharma gives from the distress and confusion of our samsaric lives and the scorching heat of emotions. Even though we are not yet fully awakened, when we go for refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, we being to find ease beneath the shelter of the parasol. The Golden Fish: Happiness, spontaneity, fertility, longevity and abundance are a few meanings associated with the Golden Fish that can also represent the lunar and solar channels (Skt. nadi) in the subtle energy body. The Treasure Vase: Each human being is said to be a scared receptacle, a vessel that can be filled with wisdom and compassion. As a symbol of the Buddha’s stomach, the vase receives the truth in all its forms, digesting the profound meaning of the Dharma and offering its benefits purely to all sentient beings. The Lotus: The lush, open blossom of a lotus grows from dark, muddy waters making it a major symbol for the blossoming of wholesome activities, which can flourish in the midst of the muck of emotions and ignorance. The Conch: One of the thirty-two major marks of the Buddha’s body is his deep, resonant conch-like voice, which resounds throughout the ten directions of space, making the conch a symbol for the speech of the Buddha. The Endless Knot: As a symbol of the Buddha’s mind, the Endless Knot represents the Buddha’s endless wisdom and compassion. It can also represent the continuity of pratityasamutpada, the 12 Links of Dependent Origination. The Victory Banner: Originally a military standard of ancient Indian warfare, the Victory Banner represents the Buddha’s victory over Mara, the Lord of Illusion, preceding his Enlightenment. The Dharma Wheel: Translated from Tibetan (chos-kyi ‘khor-lo) the “wheel of transformation,” is a multilayered symbol of the teachings of the Buddha, who concluding his first teachings in the Deer Park of Sarnath declared, “turning the Wheel of the Dharma, I am called, the Dharma” (Voice of the Buddha, p. 661)

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6x8 Black Frame with White Matt for 5x7. Glass cover. Can only be hung from wall.

Slim Profile Black Frame with glass cover. Can be hung from wall or has optional vertical stand.

Black Ornate Frame with open front (no glass). Can be hung from wall or optional vertical stand.

*Listing is for 1 print*