Philip Crow

I’ve always been fascinated with crystals — mesmerized by their naturally-formed, complex shapes, and by the vast range of inherent colors and elements borne by nature.

In time, I noticed certain crystals had different effects on my mood. Some even made me feel “stoned.” Curiosity pushed me into the study of the vibration of crystals. I envisioned a sort of talisman that I could touch and have on my skin constantly. Pairing this vision with some scrap silver gifted by a friend, I created my first pendant.

Whenever I wore the pendant, people would ask me where and how to get one like it. After a local crystal shop asked me to create a custom line for them, it became apparent I had been called to dig deeper into this creative process.

I’ve since crafted hundreds of one-of-a-kind pieces. After ten years, my process hasn’t changed: I remain in wonder, awaiting to see what new messages crystals have for me. I “recycle” the creative energy generated from these messages into the inspiration for each unique piece.

Working with crystals has changed my life. I imagine their literal emergence is a calling for humanity to vibrate to a new level. I’m honored to have been given the gift to help facilitate this transformation, and I will continue to imbue this energy into everything I do.

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