"Good art"

I always thought "good" art had to be ultra realistic to be respected.  That you have to follow the rules and know all the techniques. More importantly, that you have to have an approachable and rough idea of where you will end before you even start. While there are many truly incredible and talented individuals within this realm of art making, there was always something missing for me. I was making plenty of art but never felt like I knew what I was trying to say.

I am mostly self taught and did take one class on oil painting many years ago.  I have created and sold many drawings, paintings, and even linoleum carvings. I was always searching for my next subject, something to recreate.

It wasn't until I got caught up in constantly searching for subjects of inspiration and trying to reinvent them that the process became quite numb. I even went as far as to learn calligraphy so I could literally "say" something very specific with my art.

It wasn't until recently having completely hit a wall that I just decided to draw, plain and simple. No pre determined subject, no color palette, no thinking just the insatiable urge to want to create. I took out an old set of charcoal and pastels and just went with a feeling.  I took the experiences I have had and let anything come up.  I will start seeing a plant which then might turn into an animal or a table. I made sure my mind took a back seat and let the process become entirely unconscious.  I let it run wild.

This was in a sense terrifying for me as the end result is entirely unknown. My previous conditioning said I have to have an idea of where I am going with this.  I had to proactively keep my mind in the game but not let it lead or take over. It simply became a series of feelings and actions of my body that made up the composition.  The end result becomes art that is both very personal but more "real".

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about drawing. The excitement and eagerness to see what else is inside is endless. Through constant practice and exploring you really do begin to find a path.  Even more enjoyable is getting to understand and watch your true self unfold.  I hope you enjoy and feel inspired by my art!